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Toys Paradise – About Us

Welcome to Toys Paradise!

So, what made our team enter the competitive world of online toys sales against the giant overseas multinational corporations? When we looked at the online toy market we didn’t see a personalised service for what is always a personal reason for coming to our site. It’s about giving a gift, and that’s personal.

There is also joy in giving gifts and we want Toys Paradise to be a part of the joy. While the giving of the gift is a joyful occasion, the actually process of getting to a store is sometimes not a great experience so we made coming to our store a joyful experience. How do we intend to deliver on these goals?

Educational Aids and Advice

We are committed to provide content on Toys Paradise that not only tells parents and carers about the toys, but also the educational value of toys. Our regular blog posts are designed to assist busy parents and won’t just be about toys, but also about bringing up kids in an age of technology and finding that balance between technology and imagination.


We have updated our website to be the best in Australia. If you don’t think it is after using our site, please tell us. Our website is responsive. A responsive website means that whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile, our site adjusts to fit your screen making your shopping experience easier and better. Our site has been designed for easy navigation and after your feedback; we have installed a state of the art search function.


It’s not just about Christmas, which happens once a year. It’s also about birthdays and rewarding children, whether you are a parent, grandparent, relative or family friend. We now have specific pages dedicated to birthdays. If you can’t find the right present from our recommendations, our gift finder will help you. Coming soon you will see our Paradise Birthday Club which will assist you in preparing for your special ones birthday.

Expanded Range

We have listened to your feedback from our surveys and customer service channels, and have increased our range of educational aids and toys. We will be launching an exciting program in 2015 which we see Toys Paradise have a range of educational aids and toys exclusive to Australia.

Our People

We have young families and we are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest and greatest. Our team is also committed to providing you with the best possible service. We will do this by being transparent with our correspondence with you and keeping you up to date.

It’s been very tough over the last four years as competing with multinational giants is hard, but we believe that Australians want to give the smaller guy a go. Come and give Toys Paradise a go, if you don’t, we might not be here. It’s that simple.