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5 Item(s)

Experience the Magic of Disney's Frozen Toys


One of Disney's signature movies that had taken the world by storm (no puns intended), based on the story of The snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, viewers were taken on an adventure to save the kingdom of Arendelle that was trapped in a continuous winter, the 2013 movie warmed the hearts of millions around the world, Disney Frozen is still hot on the lips and minds of people both young and old. This musical with a comedic twist of fantasy and adventure would have a princess seemingly without fear (Anna) in search of her sister the Snow Queen (Elsa) to save their kingdom along with the help a brave, rugged mountain lad (Kristoff), with his pet reindeer (Sven) and a magical snowman with an hilarious sense of humor called Olaf. Their mission is to find Anna's sister the Queen, passing many obstacles on the dangerous journey in hopes of stopping the forever winter that now threatened to bury the entire kingdom in snow and worst it caused by The Snow Queen herself! This movie is the premier source for the featured hit song "Let It Go" by popular artiste Demi Lovato sung by Queen Elsa.


Snow Princess Elsa is one of the most wanted Disney Frozen Toys


Toys Paradise is an online toy company that sells kids toys for children worldwide. When the Disney movie Frozen was released in November 2013 it caught the world by storm especially the kids and young adults. The company then sought out to sell a collection of Disney Frozen Toys and trinkets on their website. There are some elegant Snow Queen Elsa dolls that sings the now popular song 'Let it go' and others that continues to fight with her icy shooting snowflakes from her hand, the comedic snowman is also there still offering you a laugh with his funny sounds and plush design he is great hugging and laughing. The toy company went all out on this collection featuring not only toys but souvenir trinkets that any kid or any adult Disney Frozen fan would love to adorn themselves with such as these cool customizable charm bracelets with collectable frozen characters for you to collect and design your bracelet. Are you also a Monopoly player? This company thought of it all with the Monopoly Junior Frozen edition, the same game you love with a frozen twist will have you enjoying both likes of Hasbro and Disney love at the same time. All at an amazing price to fit your budget.


These toys are perfect for any gift; birthday, Christmas, or just a gift to show them that you care. These toys are mostly for ages three and up, so always supervise kids when playing with toys that have small swallowable parts or that could be a choking hazard. Register now and earn reward points for purchases, you can also get free deliveries on orders over the cost of $89. Don't miss out on these wonderful deals on Disney Frozen collection from this amazing toy company delivering the joy of a wonderful story to the world! Experience the Magic of Disney's Frozen Toys
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