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Jurassic World Toys – a prehistoric paradise

Jurassic World Toys take dinosaur lovers on a journey through the thrilling prehistoric world of majestic predators depicted in the hit movie franchise by Steven Spielberg. Toysparadise brought back to life some of the most feared creatures ever to roam the face of the Earth, enabling you to have a miniature Jurassic Park at home. Recreate epic dinosaur mash-ups between magnificent wild creatures from the past ages. See how the ground shaking dinosaur Mega Strike T-Rex will perform against a Hybrid Stegosaurus or attach the chopping T-Rex head to your hand, turning it into the most feared prehistoric predator.  


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Make a cool collection of prehistoric predators and set in motion epic battles of the prehistoric world in your home.  

Mega Strike T-Rex is an unstoppable figure scaring everyone around with its massive stumping and roaring attack. This predator figure, running on 2 AA batteries has the feature of a massive mega strike attack and the ability to stump and roar the way everyone will hear it.
The chomping T-Rex head turns your hand into the prehistoric predator. This fantastic Jurassic World toy enables you to snack on other Jurassic World Dinosaurs and roam your territory as a true dino king.
Hero Mashers Tyrannosaurus Rex figure is a stomping menace with extending claws and an ability to fire projectiles from its mouth. You can upgrade this terrifying dinosaur with removable Hero Mashers parts to make it the ultimate hybrid predator and the master of the prehistoric realm.
Hero Mashers Hybrid dinosaur packs enable you to create dinosaurs by assembling different body parts together. As you put the parts together you can watch as the scary Stegosaurus reveals in front of you, or you can make a selection of parts to create the coolest hybrid dinosaur that ever lived.  

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