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New Little Tikes toys 2015/2016 including Little Tikes activitiy garden and cozy coupe. Little Tikes is all about outdoor activities and playing with friends.

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50 Item(s)

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A child’s development relies on outer stimuli to encourage growth and learning. The more your child play the more they develop a strong imagination, coordination, problem-solving and other vital skills. Here at Toys Paradise we offer a wide range of Little Tikes Toys, which are designed to inspire your child to play and use their imagination to create sounds, movement and boost creativity.

When deciding what toy to buy for your child there are certain factors you need to consider. First of all; modern toys are equipped with smart technology and other features which can seem very fancy and appealing at first glance. But what does this added technology take away from the play-time? A lot of recent research claims that high-tech toys takes a lot away from the imagination, problem solving other important rewards gained by playing. The smart-toys basically plays for the children and sets the stage for a very limited experience. In light of this, make sure you buy toys that can be used as a tool during the play-time, and steer away from toys that plays themselves. For the youngest members of the family, Little Tikes Toys offer a range of swingable goodies, in order to help your child experience motion and independence. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe First Swing, Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing, and Little Tikers 2 in 1 Snug n Secure Swing (blue or pink), are some of the editions you can find at ToysParadise. Give you child the opportunity to explore different speeds and movements while enjoying some time for him/herself. Many researchers found that toddlers are more interested in spending time for themselves in the morning, so make sure you start the day in one of our wonderful swings for toddlers.

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Little Tikes Toys are greatly designed to introduce your child to sports and movement. Items such as Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set, Little Tikes Attach’n Play Basketball, Little Tikes Clearly Sports Basketball, Little Tikes TotSports Grab’n Go Golf, Little Tikes TotSports Bowling Set and Little Tikes TotSports T Ball Set are all designed to gently introduce sports to your child’s life. Activity is not only important to maintain a healthy weight and strong muscles, it is also a vital ingredient in a healthy lifestyle overall. Exercising has been linked to the immune system, substantial cell production and growth, proper amounts of chemicals in our system – allowing us to feel joy, inspiration and drive, and the creation of new energy requires the usage of old energy in order to be ignited.

Music and sounds are extremely important for your child’s development. Creativity and imagination, as well as a sense of accomplishment are all key states of mind linked to music. Here at ToysParadise we offer music toys from Little Tikes Toys such as the Little Tikes Tap a Tune Xylophone  and the Little Tikes Tap a Tune Drum. A child will always be very curious about the wonders of the adult world. And is there a better way  of introducing role-play than with imitational toys such as the Little Tikes Tool Set, and Doctor Set, Little Tikes Cook n Grow BBQ Grill or the Gas n Go Mower?

Learning to ride a bike is one of the first major accomplishments and milestones that most kids will remember for life. Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike is a marvelous invention allowing your child to be introduced to the concept of cycling from a very early stage. The 4 in 1 Trike can change into 4 different trikes, and you child can therefor grow with it, allowing each modification to become a new milestone. Help your child on their way to discovering who they are and what they can do by ensuring they play with their toys and not the other way around. Little Tikes Toys are designed with creativity in mind and offers therefore your child the best possibility to grow and get inspired.