Meccano Toys

Meccano support kids creativity. Meccano is a construction sets challenge for everyone. Various kits are available with different level of difficulty.

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3 Item(s)


Meccano, unarguably is one of the oldest construction systems in the world, dating back to 1898. It was invented in England by Frank Hornby. It aims to inspire builders around the globe to bring their imaginations to life! Meccano, as a brand, offers fantastic products for both professionals as well as novices right from basic building to high‐tech robotics programming.

Here is a snapshot of their marvellous products, which are available in 3 easy to choose categories.

Meccano Junior

Meccano Junior – The Meccano Junior series is aimed at the young and the young-at heart! The products help to build a solid base through creativity and complexity that range from the easy to the advanced. Some of the products of this category include toolboxes that develop real engineering skills where models such as the Dump truck, windmill and excavator can be created. Meccano – This category is for engineering enthusiasts who love to let their imagination run wild! You can create a drone, a race car, or a motorcycle, and with the guarantee of durability of the parts, who can build and re-build as many times as you like!

Meccano Tech

Meccano Tech – This super advanced category includes products that can let you literally assemble a friend from over 600 parts! Featuring personal meccano robots that you can construct in 2 feet tall (G15 KS) or 4 feet tall (G15) sizes, they are called Meccanoids that are built using the Robotics Building platform. The Meccanoid is fitted with an amazing voice recognition system as well as pre-programmed phrases that actually make this one a very wise meccano robot! You can program sound and movement, and also carry out the same via a 3D virtual model so that they can be played back later. The Meccanoid can even mimic your moves with its motion capture technology! These meccano robots can walk, shake hands and take your voice commands. Another amazing feature of the Meccanoid robot is that the system allows you multiple ways to build it! You can build a helicopter or even a dinosaur with the same parts, sky is the limit! The parts used in the Meccanoid are 100% compatible with those of the classic Meccano parts available for other products, so there is never a need for worry!

Another awesome product from the house of Meccano is the Meccano super construction set! A favourite with those who love spending their time, building their dreams, the Meccano super construction set is a 100th Anniversary special edition product, which can build 25 models. It comes with a 6V electrical motor that helps you build motorized models, and thus unlocks endless construction possibilities! The set also comes with a rotary body and extendable hook. There are more than 600 real metal parts, from which you can build the models that you can conveniently store in the storage case that comes along with the set. It makes for an ideal gift for children over the age of 8 years. This is a very brief overview of the innovative products from Meccano, there is a whole world of a range out there to choose from and to turn your construction dreams into reality. A creativity booster, the products are great for kids, and can help them develop multiple skills with fun!