Shopkins Toys

Shopkins is the latest Shopping Role Play tv serie. You can find all the characters at Toys Paradise and create your own shopping story. Our range includes Shopkins Small Mart Set, Shopkins the vending machine, Shopkins the fridge playset and individuals series. Find more Shopkins toys and games below. Toys Paradise offers the whole range of Moose toys. Last Shopkins version: Season 4

24 Item(s)

24 Item(s)

Shopkins toys

Shopkins toys are a series of collectable figurines inspired by all the various groceries you find in your local supermarket. This award-winning toy is on everyone’s wish list and have received impressive reviews and mentioning in both mainstream media and social media. Here at Toys Paradise we offer an extensive collection of some of the most popular and also rear Shopkins variants, so make sure you jump in the cart with these little lovable creatures who has inspired creativity all over the world. Shopkins has since launching gone on to inspire and incentivise imagination and joy for millions of children around the world. So much so that the Australian based company was nominated and won several prestigious awards such as TOTY 2015 Nomination for Girl Toy of the Year, TTPM's Holiday 2014 Most Wanted List, Toy Insider "Hot 20" for 2014 and Savvy Auntie Coolest Toy Award 2014. Shopkins can be bought in various themed product-packets such as a fruit and vegetable stand, a bakery stand, vending machine storage tin, food fair – fast food collection, fashion spree collection, the fashion boutique playset or the scoops ice-cream truck playset, and many more. In addition to this, you can buy packets in different sizes that simply comes with some adorable figurines and a shopping bag for each of them, as well as two blind bags.

Shopkins' range and preferences

If you prefer the excitement of not knowing which figures you will get you should go for the Shopkins blind bags; these thrilling bags adds another feature to the toys, and the excitement behind guessing and hoping for your favourite figure to reveal itself has proven very successful on the market. Some of the adorable collectables out there include some common variations such as; Apple Blossom, Rockin’ Broc, Pineapple Crush, Miss Mushy-Moo, Posh Pear, Tommy Ketchup, Coolio, Gran Jam, Peppe Pepper, Yummy Sundae, Cheddar, Tutucute, Tiny, Sadie Soda, Apple Pie, Sneaky Wedge, Wedgy Wendy, Prommy and Bree Freshner. Then you have a range of ‘Limited edition’ Shopkins, including Buttercup, Cupcake Queen, Tin’a’Tuna, Sunny-Screen, Rub-a-Glove, Masha Mellow, Ruby Earing, Angie Ankle Boot, Donna Donut and Chelsea Charm. Shopkins even come with some ultra rare editions such as Melonie Pips, Sugar Lump, Breaky Crunch, Kooky Cookie, Candi Cotton, Mandy Candy, Millie Shake, D’lish Donut, Mobile Mary, Washa, Lammy Lamington and many others. There are over 140 unique characters to collect and, as we mentioned before, some of them are really rare and hard to find. This allows your children to enjoy collecting, trading and playing with many adorable, little characters and has truly become a toy of preference for so many different children all over the world. Parents love them too, due to their low cost price tag and small size. In recent times, the popularity of Shopkins has exploded and due to modern technology, we can find sites and profiles all over the internet dedicated to trading Shopkins figures as well as countless youtube channels reviewing and playing with the figurines. This is a true testimony to the popularity of Shopkins. So, Shopkins is a great choice for a present for your younger family members and friends, and you can find anything you want from small packets, full themed sets and accessories in our selection here at Toys Paradise. Join the fun, and provide amusement and imagination for your whole family with your first batch of Shopkins today! You might be interested in similar brand such as FurReal Friends & Little Tikes