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28 Item(s)

The revolutionary Brand of Star Wars Toys

Star wars is an outstanding brand that has gained immense success through producing high-quality toys based on Star Wars films. The brand has stayed true to its values of good conquering evil. George Lucas, the producer has. The brand carries a collection of fantastic toys including games and action figures among others. The brand carries an extensive inventory of figures of new characters in the film including Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron and stormtrooper Finn. A large variety of impressive Star Wars LEGO construction sets are available in stores enabling your child to build their own Millennium Falcon or X-Wing Fighter, games and lightsabers among others. LEGO toy sets are great for children who like to build things using their hands. The Force Awakens toys comprise of lightsaber replicas, detailed LEGO, console games as well as voice-changing wookie masks. 


Top Star Wars Toys


· Star Wars Science Death Star Planetarium

Star Wars Science is designed to connect Star Wars Universe and the world. Innovative equipments featuring real science learning and that can inspire children to enjoy science fields are incorporated in the game. Death Star Planetarium enables you to watch the Star Wars galaxy coming to life on the ceiling. You can transform a darkened room into beautiful planetarium right at home. The top Death Star planetarium can be used to display the Star Wars galaxy or even view the Earth's own night sky. 

· Star Wars Bop It R2-D2 game

Bop It game R2-D2 version is a classic game that employs a blend of concentration with ability to act immediately. A player is given commands to undertake particular actions using the voice of C-3PO. You have to respond very fast. As a player advances more in the game, the commands get faster and longer. This is an entertaining and interactive game that will entertain any child. 

· Star Wars Rebels Hero Series X-Wing Fighter


This is an outstanding game that allows you to relive your favorite adventures by piloting your own X-Wing starfighter with Star Wars Rebels Hero Series X-Wing. This prototype is similar to the acrobatic starfighter, 2feet wide and 2feet long. It has enhanced features including a landing gear and an installed loyal Droid that are excellent for carrying out a successful mission. With every progression in the game, more exciting events take place, keeping the player hooked. This game will unlock your imagination and take you on the most thrilling adventure of your life. 


Monopoly Star Wars game


Monopoly Star Wars game is a hyper drive version of the game Monopoly. A player has to conquer Star Wars galaxy by playing either on the Empire side or on the Rebel. A player attempts to conquer planets and also build new bases where you can dominate the universe. You can charge rent to players on your planet but you also pay rent when you are on their planets. The blend of actions creates the spark of interest for all players. The game features interesting Power Force Cards that you can utilize to shape your destiny. Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge as you play building intense moments throughout the game.

You can transport your loved one to a whole new world of gaming by buying them holiday Star Wars Toys gifts. The toys are a detailed interpretation of the real star wars characters featured in films. The brand also carries Star Wars costumes, backpacks, DVDs of the movies, puzzles and t-shirts. Star Wars will introduce you to a world of first-class gaming and toys.