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Buy all the new Vtech toys at Toys Paradise. Vtech is all about education, fun and ease of use. We recommend 2 toys: Vtech Kidizoom Camera and Vtech First Steps Baby Walker. Vtech has been in Australia for more than 10 years already and is one of the most popular brand for toddlers online.

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Vtech Learning Toys Online

Vtech is our most recommended toys for an infant. - learn while playing. New Vtech Action Cam availableKids will love this easy-to-use camera that allows them to see the world in so many ways. Whether they're out on a bike ride, at the skate park or at the pool - no adventure is too big for the Action Cam! Playing is a method for your baby to learn valuable and necessary skills, as well as learning the relationship between themselves and the world around them. You should start to introduce the baby’s first toy as early as two-three months, so that they can explore the different colours and textures of our world. Here at Toys Paradise we offer a wide selection of toys from the popular brand Vtech, which includes some highly developed interactive toys, which will instigate learning and imagination in your children.

What are the Vtech Benefits?

Your child should be introduced to soft textures and colours from a very early age because they are eager to get to know the world around them. When your baby turns two-three months, he will be opening his hands and trying to use them any way he can. Sounds are also very important for your child at this stage, so a toy that combines sounds, colours and various textures is ultimate. In our arsenal of baby and toddlers toys from Vtech we have some brilliant options for this purpose; the Vtech Sing and Soothe Mobile is a technological masterpiece that is designed to calm your baby down with a wide selection of lullabies, melodies and nature sounds. This incredible toy comes with adorable little plush creatures flying around in a comfortable speed, and has a high-tech sound sensor that detects when your baby is crying and triggers lullabies. In addition to this you can personalize the songs being played from your Sing and Soothe Mobile with 40 songs and more, and it contains a soft light that will help put your baby to sleep. During the day, it is important to put your child on the floor so that he can start learning to rest on his elbows and try to crawl forward, as well as continuing to reach and grab items. The Vtech Little Friendlies 2-in-1 Baby Gym is full of different shapes, lights, colours, textures and sounds to keep your child interested and stimulated for a long period of time. It even comes with 24 melodies and 6 sing-along songs. This little baby gym is also perfect for times when mothers and fathers need to take a few minutes to wash dishes, laundry or even simply take a little break to clear their heads.

Vtech for babies and toddlers

When your baby turns 4 months and up they will be capable of reaching and holding on to items. At this point, you should introduce some toys that makes enough sound and impact to make your baby want to reach out for them. This will absolutely set the need for crawling into motion. Our Vtech Turn & Learn Cube contains many interesting features for your baby and is valuable for introducing movement. The Vtech Tiny Tot Driver is recommended from twelve months and up, and features a huge variation of colours, animals, numbers and places, plus realistic car sounds. This toy embodies some of the most important tools for learning at this stage, including a mirror for self-discovery. When your baby is learning to stand on his own feet it is important to grab the bull by its horns and make sure they feel comfortable taking the next step. We have two Vtech First Steps Baby Walkers, one in pink and one in yellow, which is a magnificent baby walker full of fun and interesting features. Vtech Play & Learn Activity Table is another great option for toddlers who are already on their feet. This exiting addition to your child`s playroom has plenty of features for learning, such as piano keys with music and colours, alphabet, a phone and many others.


We even have something for slightly older children who wants to document their adventures; The Kidizoom Action Cam, which is a camera adapted to venture where ever your child goes, and includes plenty of accessories designed for play in various terrains. Your child is learning something new about himself and the world every day.

Making sure your child stays stimulated is an important job for parents and caretakers. Here at Toys Paradise we offer a wide selection of toys, which is designed to entertain and educate your child, and most importantly- spark their imagination!