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Wahu was founded in Brisbane in 1999 and is now an Aussie Icon with Waho Pool products that that are used in kids pools around Australia. Wahu inflatable pool toys are used in swimming pools and range from Wahu Pool slides, Inflatables such as the Supa Tube, the Wahu Rocker and the ever popular the Big O. Make sure this summer you have Wahu Pool products from Toys Paradise in your kids swimming pool. Our 2 favorite toys are Wahu Party and Wahu Mega Slide.

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42 Item(s)

Wahu Online

Buy quality Wahu pool toys online at Toys Paradise. We limit our range to make sure to deliver only certified Wahu toys for the Australian market.Toys Paradise are proud to present a wide selection of Wahu Pool toys for swimming pools all around Australia. Water brings enjoyment for kids and adults of any ages, and the innovation that has taken place on the pool toy market is exiting and sensational. If you want to spend more time with your friends and family this summer then you should make sure you create a place for joy and playfulness where you can all come together and have some fun - and what better place to start than the pool? If you are looking for something to spice up your pool-time then look no further. Here at Toys Paradise we offer a wide range of pool toys which will be fun for everyone who wants to do something more than just splash about. First of all, we want to talk about safety. For little ones just learning to swim it is a necessity to make them feel safe in the water as a first step. Many objects created for this purpose are lumpy and makes it difficult to move freely in the water, and this might actually generate the very opposite result than what was intended. Our range of swimming vests comes in different sizes and are created to allow full flexibility for your children whilst practising swimming.


Wahu Pool Party the Rocker

Now to the fun stuff; we have, as mentioned, a huge selection of games for your swimming pool, such as the Wahu Pool Party The Rocker. This is a floating pool seesaw, which brings a known element from playgrounds to your pool. Or, maybe you want a more interactive toy for your children? The Eruptor works as a volcano as it blasts water from its crown and is an epic addition to your pool party. Now, we all know that children likes to have their own little private place where they can lay complex plans or share secrets and use their imagination to its fullest. Many will create a treehouse, a den, a secret club somewhere, but why not in the pool? With The Chill Zone you will provide your children with a space they can share together and most importantly; not allow any parents to enter. ¨ If you just want a toy that will allow you to float about and think about your future, or maybe not think at all, then we have some items that will help you to do just that; The Big 0, The Big 8, Triple 0, Wahu BananaRama and the Aqua-Pod are all great choices for the days you want nothing but relaxation and some peace of mind.


Wahu Pool Slide

Games is another winner for lazy days by the pool, and here at Toys Paradise we can offer you some of the most exiting pool games on the market. The Wahu Pool Party Skim n Score is a version of a classic game-model where you through an object towards a series of targets. This great game will introduce competitiveness at the same time as it betters skills and aim. Or maybe the Wahu Pool Party Basketball is more your game? This classic game of basketball really needs no introduction, but continues to be one of the most popular ball games for children to date. You can never go wrong with playing catch. For the pool environment, however, the game of catch takes another form. With diving toys such as Dive Balls, Dive Rings and Dive sticks, amongst others, you can create several different games, including catch, or you can simply get the real deal; the Skimballs, Volleyball, Soccer, Frisc and others, if catch is your game of preference. Our catalogue of Wahu Pool Toys will have something for everyone, regardless of whether you want to relax, play games, or entertain a crowd. Make sure you join the fun now and start the season with a splash!